People ask how the combat in Soul Eater works.This is more or less accurate enough. 


this is exactly how it works


i love typing because my fingers make that cool sound and i seem professional


Wow, was it really neccessary for you to get a case that big just to hold your one God Card? Even if you were planning on putting the other two in there as well, that’s still way bigger than is actually needed.


Well here we go, I’ve spent a decent amount of time on this and waited for me to hit 1100 followers. (which by the way I /DID/ hit and passed but randomly one day people just decided to leave and I lost like 5 followers, but meh, their loss.) To show my gratitude for everyone giving me so much support by following me and talking to me at times I wanted to make this a big giveaway for me cause I feel I spent a decent amount of time on it and I worked extremely hard.
Now before I start the rules, If you don’t want to wait and have the chance of not being chosen, you can simply go to my PATREON and donate a minimum of 5$ and you can message me telling me what spot you want to be put in. (And yes, if you donate more, the rewards will be added onto you being added into this drawing)
And before you think you can pull a fast one on me, I will wait for the beginning of the month before posting the drawing so I can get the money that was donated.
Now for the giveaway part for those who don’t have the money to help support me even more than you already do by following me.
Here is how the giveaway will work. If I (somehow) get all the spots filled with people donating (which I doubt will happen) I will add more poses into the drawing so I can fit more people in.
So far I only have 5 spots remaining cause I got someone to donate early before I even finished this up, but he hasn’t chosen a spot to have his character in.
By the way, I used a TON of references for the background, so if you see things similar to it, I am not taking full credit for the background.
Giveaway rules:
Absolutely positively MUST be following. I WILL check.
Reblogs only count to start with, you can like after you reblog for an extra chance to win. DO NOT ONLY LIKE IT, I WILL NOT COUNT YOU.
This must have a minimum of at least 50 notes for me to even count this as a legit giveaway, if it doesn’t, I’ll try again at a future date.
Patreon donators get first pick on what spot they want.
This is SFW only, don’t get any bright ideas.
This isn’t technically a rule but more of a request, please please please reblog this to your main blog, It would help more people notice it and get more to join in.
I will announce the end of the contest and will announce the winners when I see fit. Please do not bug me when I will end it, cause I personally have an amount of notes that I want before I will end it.
Any questions, concerns?
Add me on Skype- Sandseeker8902
Add me on STEAM <— Click there to get to my profile.
Thank you all so much for looking at this and good luck ^w^

Daily reblog again!

so the TwitchPlaysPokemon channel has a 3DS setup for the upcoming playthrough of pokemon x, and
they somehow managed to get into the home menu from a game, and post on the fucking miiverse
here is their work of art